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Here at UPB we pride ourselves on top quality products designed to perform & enhance your Pre 65-Tiger Cub. We cherry pick fully skilled & well established engineering company's to produce our products from around the world. Our attention to detail & design stands out when you see the quality products that we produce & sell, All our products are guaranteed to perform. This shows out on our UPB-EVO-CUB you only have to look at it to understand how 6 years in the making has now given us a motorcycle that not only looks good but performs at the highest level of Pre 65 trails today using top riders like Eddie Aitkin, Alan Aslet & Jordan Ashington help develop this ultimate Pre 65 bike.

Enjoy browsing on our site and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any technical information or assistance in choosing the right parts for your Tiger Cub.

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Bob Moore 

* Please note we are designing & developing new products every week so look out for our new parts coming soon section!*